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What Quivr offers

 Schedule Your personalised schedule that can be consulted on- and offline and tells you exactly when and where your courses are taking place. It is also possible to add your own appointments, in this way Quivr can become your personal agenda.

 Friends Quivr tries to simplify your social life: You cannot only check your own schedule but also that of your friends. Making appointments has never been so easy!

 Bibmonitor The ‘bibmonitor’ shows you how many people are in each library. This helps you choose a place to study because you know where you will find a seat. 

 Restaurant Want to grab a bite at your student restaurant? Check Quivr to see if it is open and what they are serving! 

 News Want to know what is going on in your city? Read Veto and get a heads up! 


Why Quivr?

Quivr is a free application that centralizes useful information for students. On every smartphone or simply on your computer, Quivr allows you to quickly find the answers to questions such as: Where and when is my next class? How many people are in the library right now? Is there going to be spaghetti in Alma today?… Quivr was made by students, for students.

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