Join us!

Quivr can only exist as long as there are motivated students who are willing to put time and effort into this project. That is why we are constantly looking for people who can join our team and bring Quivr to the next level. Whether you are a developer or whether you are interested in marketing and business relations, everyone is welcome. Why join Quivr? Quivr is a lot of things: Quivr is group of friends, Quivr is late night work sessions, Quivr is helping out your fellow students. But above all, Quivr is THE place for young developers and entrepreneurs. You are given the opportunity to work on a real product that is used by tens of thousands of people everyday. Quivr is a place to learn, a blank canvas where you can unleash your creativity. You can always come up with new ideas and everyone can leave their mark on Quivr. Interested? Send a short e-mail including your motivation (short explanation why you would be a goot fit for Quivr) to [email protected]!