Terms & Conditions



All these defined words will be capitalised in the Terms and Conditions and must be understood in that way.


Student Innovations VZW aims to make the life of students more efficient by creating digital applications, such as mobile applications and online solutions. By doing this, we aim to make information more accessible and promote the use of open data. The current realisation of these aims can be seen in the Service.


Before using this Service, the User must agree to these Terms and Conditions. The User thereby acknowledges entering into a legally binding agreement with Student Innovations VZW.

Student Innovations VZW reserves the right to revise these conditions at any time and without warning in advance. Any revision comes into force immediately, except when stipulated differently. The User will be notified of any revision through the web or mobile Application, using one of the following ways: a pop-up, a banner, a clearly visible message (e.g. a message on the main screen of the Application), mail or a dedicated screen or application. The User accepts revised versions of the Terms and Conditions by further usage of the Service, except for revisions that legally require consent. If the User does not consent to this agreement, he should refrain from any further use of the Service and related services and make sure to delete his profile. For revisions concerning the privacy of the User, specific provisions are included in the Service Privacy Policy of Student Innovations VZW.

This agreement is legally binding whether or not the User is registered.


The User is free to terminate this agreement at any time by contacting Student Innovations VZW by email. Termination entails the removal of all Information in accordance with the Privacy and Cookie Policies.

Student Innovations VZW is allowed to terminate any membership if the User breaches or is at risk of breaching this agreement.

Termination never gives any right to a termination fee.


  • Student Innovations VZW provides its best efforts to make sure that the information displayed on its Service is accurate and correct. Nonetheless, Student Innovations VZW cannot guarantee this. Accordingly, Student Innovations VZW accepts no accountability on the grounds of incorrect or inaccurate information.
  • Any commitment that Student Innovations VZW enters into constitutes a best-efforts obligation, without guaranteeing a particular result.
  • Student Innovations VZW does its best efforts to install appropriate means for the security, safeguarding and reparation of data and Information.
  • Student Innovations VZW does not exclude the occurrence of technical difficulties and is not accountable for such difficulties.



Student Innovations VZW is in no way responsible for the discontinuation of the Service. Student Innovations VZW has, at all times, the choice, for whatever reasons, to end any or all activities related to the Service.

Foreseeable and unforeseeable interruptions of the Service are possible due to the nature of the Internet, software, Internet providers and/or other internal or external factors. Student Innovations VZW can therefore not guarantee flawless functioning of the Service at all times.

Student Innovations VZW is in no way responsible for any consequences arising from the interruption or discontinuation of any, or all, services related to the Service, regardless of the cause of these interruptions/discontinuation. This includes, but is not limited to: loss of data and Information, loss of opportunities, loss of revenue, loss of time spent and emotional distress.

Student Innovations VZW is not responsible for the information published on its Service and/or any links provided that may lead to website(s) containing wrong or offensive information. Student Innovations VZW gives no guarantee for the accuracy or completeness of the information published on its Service.

Student Innovations VZW is not responsible for any behaviour of its Users and gives no guarantee for the quality, compatibility or safety of its Users.

All Information delivered to Student Innovations VZW by the User shall be treated according to the Privacy Policy. Therefore, Student Innovations VZW strongly recommends the User to read its Privacy Policy.

Limitation of liability
Student Innovations VZW can only be held liable in the case of fraud, intentional error or serious misconduct.

The maximum contractual and tortious liability of Student Innovations VZW or its appointed persons, in the cases mentioned above, is limited to:

Student Innovations VZW cannot be held liable for any other damages, including but not limited to: loss of a chance, loss of data, loss of customers, loss of image, loss of reputation, third party claims, staff costs, loss of clients or moral damage.


Student Innovations VZW is not responsible for any consequences due to force majeure.

Force majeure is defined as any event(s) or circumstance(s) beyond the influence/control of the parties to the agreement, which could not have been expected to have been taken into account, and prevent Student Innovations VZW from fulfilling any or all obligation(s) under this contract.

Should force majeure manifest itself or in the foreseeable case of manifestation in the near future, Student Innovations VZW has the right to indefinitely suspend the Service, partly or as a whole.


The User hereby agrees to indemnify Student Innovations VZW for third-party claims that are in any way related to Information, as provided by the User, or due to breach of contract.

It is in breach of this agreement to register with any Information that does not truthfully represent reality. The User will indemnify Student Innovations VZW for any claim resulting from the use of inaccurate Information.


The Service contains elements protected by copyright material, trade names and other proprietary rights, including but not limited to: database rights, rights in design, rights in know- how, patents, and rights in inventions, logos, images, photos and text. The User respects the intellectual property on the Service and refrains from any infringement.


By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the User also accepts the terms and conditions of the KU Leuven Data Service.

Among other obligations, the KU Leuven Data Service’s terms and conditions require Student Innovations VZW to inform the User that the KU Leuven provides no guarantee towards the validity, integrity or availability of data provided through the Data Service, as defined in the terms and conditions of the KU Leuven Data Service. The functioning of the Data Service is not guaranteed and can be changed or terminated at any time. The User therefore derives no rights towards the KU Leuven from using the Data Service, which therefore accepts no liability from the use or functioning of the Data Service.

The complete terms and conditions of the KU Leuven Data Service, although only obtainable in Dutch, can be found here: https://admin.kuleuven.be/icts/services/dataservice/gebruiksvoorwaarden.html.


If any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provisions of these terms and conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect.


Belgian law applies to these Terms and Conditions. Any dispute concerning the services of Student Innovations VZW shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Leuven.