Where we are now

Quivr was designed to make student life easier and we are proud to announce that we currently have over 85,000 registered accounts, with more than 25,000 of those who use the app on a daily basis. Students appreciate Quivr and rely on us for a smooth university experience – and this alone is enough to motivate us to work as hard as we do.  Quivr was developed by a group of enthusiastic students who wanted to provide a useful tool for students at their home university in Leuven, Belgium and eventually to students elsewhere. Quivr is a project of the non-profit student organisation STUDENT INNOVATIONS.

At this moment Quivr works for UGent and almost every institution of the KU Leuven Association.

Where we want to go


The goal of Student Innovations is to make the life of students more efficient by offering digital solutions to the major student queries. We want to encourage and stimulate the use of open data because we believe that this is the only way the services offered to students will improve. Our aim is to manifest this vision with Quivr.


 Performance  Students count on Quivr, they rely on it’s constant availability and speed. That’s why our first priority will always be to optimize the app to make it as user-friendly as possible. Not only by developing new features that make student life even easier, but also by striving to be 100% bug-free.

 Development Quivr aims to be an organization where young entrepreneurial students have the possibility to develop themselves outside of the classroom. They can work with a real product that is used by thousands of people: an experience that is extremely valuable. Quivr is a playground where people with ambition finally get the opportunity to make their ideas happen, while simultaneously learning skills they will need in their future careers.

 Expansion Our popularity in Leuven shows the necessity of an app like this. Over the next few years we want to build on this foundation and expand to all other universities in Belgium. 

 Companies When we first designed Quivr we immediately knew that we did not want to have ads on our platform, as we believe they undermine the user experience and therefore contradict what we aim to achieve.  However, in order to still allow companies to communicate a message in a user-friendly and solely informative manner, we propose a company module. This way, companies can access their target audience who wish to receive these messages containing information (career brunches, internships) tailored for a specific groups of students. All of this without the use of ads. Right now this module is still in a test phase.